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Meet the 2020-2021 officers of the teachHOUSTON Student Society!



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  • Majors: Earth Science and Sociology

  • Classification: Senior

¡Hola! This semester the officers and I have a lot in store for students in teachHOUSTON and I am honored to be leading this talented group as we bring our new ideas to life. When I'm not busy studying, I like to read books and articles on education and social issues. I am currently interning for the Mayor's Office of Education in Houston and am assisting in the implementation of UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities Initiative. In addition to teaching in public schools, I hope to dedicate my career to the advancement of social justice in and out of the classroom by advocating for the most vulnerable students in our academic and social institutions.

StepHen medel

Vice President

I'm excited to be the Vice President for the teachHouston student society as it will give me an opportunity to give back to this wonderful community. My free time is spent playing table top and video games along with studying physics and mathematics. I also take care of a wonderful dog named Murphy who loves to be mischievous and go for walks. Once I graduate from the University of Houston plan to to teach high school physics and mathematics for a few years before trying to earn a PhD in Physics or education, whichever I like more.

Presley greer


As the current Secretary, I look forward to exploring the art of teaching with my fellow tHssociety members. A few hobbies I have outside of class include cooking, making fermented foods/drinks, and I have recently gotten into growing potted plants. I'm passionate about my research which is currently focused on designing a LiDAR device that will be used to create 3D maps of landslides. After graduation, I would like to enter graduate school at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to earn a PhD in Geophysics.

Brian gonzales

Professional Development Chair

I'm excited to be an officer this year because I've got so many ideas for the Student Society to make it bigger and better than ever before! In my free time, I enjoy taking photos of the natural world around us- plants, animals, you name it! I'm also a bit of a baker, and I make everything from scratch. If you lose me in a crowd, just look for the guy in a Twenty One Pilots shirt, and you'll find me! I'm really passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through education, and I plan on teaching high school biology after graduation. My goal is to ultimately become a biology professor so that I may teach the subject at the college level.

Liliana Cruz

Community Service Chair

Why, hello there. It is such a thrilling experience to be an officer for this extraordinary society. I felt everything went by so quickly and cannot wait to continue providing my ultimate best to this organization. Some things about me are that I LOVE exercising! In the future, anything adrenaline filled is what I want to do. Whether skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. I want to do it all! I love learning new things and being busy. If there is an idea I work hard for it to be carried through. Some view teaching as boring, but I see it as the biggest adventure one could possibly think to take. :)

Dalton kozak

Public Relations Chair

I am excited to be an officer this year, so I can share my ideas with the team to help keep improving the society and the awareness of the importance of teaching at every level. My hobbies include playing guitar and bass. Also mathematics is a hobby of mine. I do undergraduate research in mathematics dealing with learning about Linear Algebra/Matrix Theory development in Big Data and Machine Learning. I am passionate about mathematics and the spreading of mathematical knowledge at all levels. After undergraduate graduation I want to go to graduate school to get a PH.D. Afterwards, I want to be a professor at a university and do research.

Yury ionov


My name is Yury Ionov, and I am highly looking forward to capturing the wonderful moments this society will experience this new and challenging year. A little bit about me, I am originally from Russia and a transfer student from UT El Paso. My hobbies include mountain biking, table tennis, and video games. After graduating I am planning on going back to school for a PhD in Computer Science. As for my future career, I see myself working in a field of Computer Science, and or teaching.

Madhat al-abdullah

Social Chair

After experiencing what the program has to offer, I am looking forward to being a part of the student society and I hope to help other students pursue their teaching careers . In my free time, I like to go rock climbing and I frequent a rock gym not too far from campus. I highly recommend this activity to anyone looking for a fun way to workout! I also really enjoy listening to music, regardless of genre, and I always welcome recommendation . I’ve recently discovered my passion for cooking! Learning new recipes is so much fun, and being complimented on my food brings me immense joy. Food is also a great way to learn about other people and their culture . After graduating, I plan on teaching for a few years and I hope to attend graduate school after that. My long-term career goal is to one day conduct my own research to learn as much as possible about things that interest me.

Khadija lokhandwala


  • Society Email:

  • Major: Biology

  • Minor: Business Administration

  • Classification: Junior

I am excited to be an officer, because I believe that through this society we can impact those in TeachHOUSTON, and help each other through the program, as well as recruit new potential teachers! I want to change the face of education in the United States, and although this is a HUGE endeavor, it has to start somewhere. I believe that if we can recruit more members, and properly educate the way of teaching that is more effective, we can slowly but surely change the way primary education is perceived. I love to draw, and create unique but subtle ish makeup looks on my channel and instagram, and would love to one day live in a house surrounded by nature. I am an active person, love to be around new people, and love environments where everything is happening at once. I am extremely passionate about increasing minorities and women in stem, as well as becoming a professor for anatomy and physiology, and hopefully one day teaching in a medical school.