UPDATE - JULY 2021: The MP² team is working very hard to prepare for this upcoming semester! We plan to keep updating this page with more details! if you have any questions, please feel free to email thssmentdrctr@gmail.com

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Mentor benefits

Give back to teachHOUSTON

Make more friends in the program

Give advice you would’ve liked to hear

Gain leadership experience

Build your resume

Earn up to 5 community service (CS) credits*

mentee benefits

Get connected with a more-experienced peer

Make more friends in the program

Get advice on future courses

Receive academic support

Receive assistance with your lessons, projects, etc.

Earn up to 5 professional development (PD) credits*

*The total number of community service (CS) or professional development (PD) credits a student earns is dependent on the number of weekly mentoring pod meetings they attend throughout the semester. Mentoring pods will last 10 weeks and each weekly meeting will count as ½ a PD/CS credit. Thus, the mentor or mentee can only obtain the full 5 credits if they attend every weekly meeting. Absences will result in less than 5 credits.

mentor qualifications

Any student in teachHOUSTON who has completed Intro to STEM Education and Knowing and Learning can apply to be a mentor. You DO NOT need to be a member of the teachHOUSTON Student Society to apply. Upon submitting your application, verification may be requested to prove you have met the course requirements.

mentee qualifications

Any student in teachHOUSTON can apply to be a mentee. You do not need to be a member of the teachHOUSTON Student Society to apply. Though this program was mostly designed for students who are new to teachHOUSTON, any student at any stage of the program can apply to be a mentee.

Mentorship POD assignments

Mentors and mentees will be placed in mentoring pods comprised of 2 mentors and 2-4 mentees. Assignments will be made based on personal preferences listed in each mentee’s application. If a mentee does not indicate any preferences, factors we take into consideration are age, major, hobbies, career interests, etc. Pod assignments are not permanent; mentees may switch pods upon request.

Mentorship meetings

Pods meet in a private channel for MP2 mentors/mentees within the teachHOUSTON Microsoft Team. Pods must meet in this channel, rather than Zoom or a separate Team/channel, at least once a week for 30 minutes for 10 weeks (February 15 - May 2). Weekly agendas will be shared with all mentors which outline activities to do or topics to discuss with mentees. Topics may include goal setting, course schedule planning, lesson planning assistance, and more. Please know that mentoring pods are not limited to these weekly topics; pods are encouraged to discuss any subject that mentees will find valuable to them.

After each meeting, one mentor from each pod must submit a Post-Meeting Check-In Form (scroll to view) providing feedback and uploading the downloaded Excel file from Teams listing the meeting attendance in order for officers to assign PD/CS credit.

Calendar of Events and Deadlines

View the Google Calendar below to see important deadlines or program events. Click the blue plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner to add this to your own Google Calendar that way you never miss an important deadline or upcoming event!

program applications

MPP Applications are currently unavailable during the summer.

We are working hard to prepare for the fall 2021 semester and want to hear your thoughts! Please fill out the interest form below!

virtual social gatherings

Fall 2021 UPDATE: The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone, even us college students. As of right now, we are planning to follow the CDC guidelines with mask regulations and social distancing requirements, but we do plan to have optional online, in-person, or hybrid meetings available for your convenience.

interpod meetings

Each week mentoring pods will have the opportunity to mingle with other pods. These are casual hangouts (coordinated by the MPP Committee) where mentors and mentees of different pods come together and get to know each other by doing fun activities, playing virtual games, or just chatting!

These events are completely optional and not required.

whole program events

Twice a semester (Spring: March/April, Fall: Oct/Nov) the student society will organize social events exclusively for the mentors and mentees of MP2.

These events are completely optional and not required.

program forms

The Google Forms below should only be filled and submitted by current mentors and/or mentees of MP2

MPP advancement

Read a little bit about the history of the Mentorship Pod Program and its successes!

In October of 2020, the teachHOUSTON Student Society launched a mentorship program for students in teachHOUSTON. The program was an immediate success, with 14 mentors and 21 mentees participating in its pilot phase. The inaugural cohort of 35 students voted on the program's permanent name: Mentorship Pod Program (also commonly referred to as MPP or MP2).

In Spring of 2021, it was decided that the mentorship pod program held enormous value to the teachHOUSTON Student Society, and was officially amended to the constitution. With this, a new governing board position was established; the Director of Mentorship. It was also a momentous semester, for the members of the mentorship pod program voted on our first ever logo (shown above)!

Have any questions about MP² ? Please feel free to email the Director of Mentorship with any questions!

Questions? Email tHSSmentdrctr@gmail.com.